It’s a SONY!

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January 23, 2014 by AllKnol


Right, I’m a secret geek at heart, I try to hide it, but keeping certain techy mags lying around does give the game away on occasion!  Following trending technology, I’ve known for a while now that eventually we will be watching everything via the net, another reason why I made sure my show was on the web, as more and more people watch shows online,  and most importantly, at their own leisure.

Far be it for me to insist that anyone has to be home at a specific time to watch the show on cable or free TV, let alone fiddle around to record it.  SO when the smart TV came out (ooo yes just like the smart phone)  I was doing a little jig and rubbing my hands gleefully.

Standing gormlessly in the extra large, very shiny, spiffy showroom, it felt like christmas times 10!  I weaved my way…

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