Tech Visionaries; Change Agents

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January 23, 2014 by AllKnol

A Designer's Musings

tech visionaryWhat exactly is a Change Agent?

According to BloombergBusinessweek Magazine a change agent has “power, vision, bravery and support.” Change agents are driven and willing to risk their careers to be the change that helps grow their industry.

Have you ever wondered how things move forward in our world? How do we get from using the telephone and a desktop computer to accessing the internet and making a phone call on one device? Our world is full of those who vehemently resist change, “traditionalists”, and others who embrace it. It is the change agent’s challenge to convince the former why it will be good for their business to change.

Think of Facebook or Pinterest. I remember seeing Facebook for the first time in my stepdaughter’s dorm room. I thought it was a brilliant idea, but only college students could access it. I was so disappointed. I imagined right there how…

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