The World Needs Fewer Text Messages And More Love Letters

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January 23, 2014 by AllKnol

Thought Catalog

Have you ever sat and wondered how different your life may be without the bittersweet burden of technology? Maybe it would have taken a different turn with a former flame or maybe it would be more focused on a life goal. Maybe your life would simply just hold more meaning in the little every day occurrences that are often overlooked because we are too busy staring into our iPhones, trying to finger swipe our way into its high-tech soul, looking for it to somehow give us the answers we are searching for.

Yes, many careers have been started thanks to the era of social media and yes, I too am guilty of using the powers of technology for my future career because that is the way the world is changing these days and, unfortunately or fortunately, the world will change whether we like it to or not. But when the…

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