Dropbox takes on Google veteran Woodside as operations chief

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February 13, 2014 by AllKnol

Dropbox takes on Google veteran Woodside as operations chief


Dropbox just scored a world-class operations veteran for its executive team: Dennis Woodside, who was until last month the CEO of Google(s goog)’s Motorola Mobility, has just joined the storage outfit as chief operating officer.

Woodside had been at Google for over a decade. He only took over Motorola Mobility, which Google sold to Lenovo in January, in May 2012. Prior to that, he was president of Google Americas, and before that he headed up other regional Google operations in Europe and emerging markets.

Though a lot of that work involved dealing with ad agencies and the like, it’s fair to say Woodside knows a thing or two about selling software-as-a-service into the enterprise and small business and striking partnerships to aid that effort. Which is handy, because that’s what Dropbox is trying to do.

Though this direction had been apparent for a good year or so – in…

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