Top 10 Olympic Moments

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February 13, 2014 by AllKnol

Matthew Cheung: Will We Survive?

I love the Olympics.  This post isn’t about politics or controversies.  It’s about the athletes who demonstrate the epitome of the human spirit.  These aren’t athletes that are competing for multimillion dollar contracts or Nike sponsorships.  They are competing for the love of their sport and the honour to represent their country against the best in the world.  For many of these athletes, after a lifetime of dedication and training, may only get one chance to compete.  When the games are all said and done, most of these athletes will go back home to the normal life they led before.  This only makes the glory of winning, and the heartbreak of losing that much more dramatic and meaningful.

There are so many Olympic moments that matter, but these are the top 10 have had an emotional impact on me.

10.  Paying it forward
Back in 2006, Canadian cross country skier…

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