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February 18, 2014 by AllKnol

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Workspaces Facilitate Productivity

Leaving the cubicle behind, today’s offices are designed with flow, accessibility and recreation in mind – ensuring employee’s well-being. Investing time and money to remodel their premises, large- to small-scale companies also strengthen their corporate identities. As societal norms change fast, outdated open-plan schemes are being replaced by village-like structures. Frame went back and selected the 10 best examples of office design.

1. Glass Office by AIM Architecture

Commissioned by the largest office real-estate developer in China – SOHO China – Glass Office uses mirrored partitions, glass screens and reflective surfaces.

2. Real Life at Work by Emily Forgot and Laurie D

Illustrator Emily Forgot and 3D artist Laurie D turned London-based Wieden + Kennedy’s street-facing window into a monochrome scene of office life.

3. Cisco Meraki Office by Studio O+A

Spaciousness, colour and long vistas guided Studio O+A when designing Cisco Meraki office space – giving…

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